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Yayo Kusama

Yayoi Kusama - Snowglobes 2020 - Self Wearing her classic Red and White Polka-dotted Dress

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Artist: Yayoi Kusama

Title: Snowglobe (Self Wearing her classic Red and White Polka-dotted Dress)

Year: 2020

Edition: Limited Edition 

Medium: Glass, Polyresin and Water

Size: 3.15h x 2.5w x 2.5"d

Weight: N/A

Condition: New 

Certificate Of Authenticity: None provided. 

Style: Graffiti Art, Street Art, Contemporary Pop, Graffitipop, Graffiti Spaghetti

Hand signed and numbered: None

Description:  The new drop features art-themed snowglobes.  Yayoi Kusama herself, wearing her classic red and white polka-dotted dress and red blunt cut wig. She is pictured among the silver, reflective spheres of her Narcissus Garden piece. The mirrored orbs move in a wavelike motion when the snowglobe is shaken.