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Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama - T-Rex Cyborg

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Artist: Hajime Sorayama

Title: Cyborg T-Rex released by Apportfolio

Year: 2019

Edition: Edition of 1000 

Medium: Soft Vinyl

Size: 20.3 cm x 65 cm x 12.7 cm

Condition: New

Certificate Of Authenticity: None provided. 

Hand signed and numbered: None

Description: Can you feel the tremors? SIWILAI Store has Unveiled Sorayama Hajime SORAYAMA Soft Vinyl T-Rex Cyborgs as part of the Sorayama Space park by AMKK (Azuma Makoto & Kaj Kenkyusho) at Central Embassy. The limited-edition figures feature 25-inch long and 8 inches in height. The original painting has now been recreated in this form for the first time in history. Hajime Sorayama who is famous for painting female robots, and other cyber beasts transforms a Tyrannosaurus Rex into his signature style!

Credits: Photos & Descriptions are by