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Nina Chanel

Nina Chanel - Baby

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Artist: Nina Chanel 

Title: Baby

Year: 2020

Edition: Limited Edition

Medium: Vinyl

Size: 26.3 cm x 8.2 cm x 7.3 cm

Condition: New


AllRightsReserved has tapped Nina Chanel Abney for a vinyl figure titled Baby. The New York-based artist has been known for her use of symbols and bright colors to create works with a playful aesthetic that often invites viewers to confront challenging topics related to race, gender, pop-culture, homophobia and politics. This piece follows the artist’s Boobies figure released last year.

Standing 26.3 centimeters tall, Nina’s sculpture depicts a man wearing Mickey Mouse ears. The figure is dressed in a bright red jumpsuit, matching red circles stamped on the man’s cheeks. Constructed with sharp angles and an asymmetrical mold, the figure comes with a geometric silhouette with cubist-like features, like its slanted nose, alongside other crooked facial features, and skewed shoulders, which slimly taper off towards the feet. The figure comes in a monochromatic box detailed with a set of Nina’s illustrations of eyes, while a shiny ARR Authentication sticker is placed at the back.

Credits: Images & Descriptions from Hypebeast