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Javier Calleja

Javier Calleja - Reusable Hygienic Face Mask "Amanece que no es poco" Special Edition

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Artist: Javier Calleja

Title: "Amanece que no es poco" 

Year: 2020

Edition: Sold Out

Medium: N/A

Size: Adult face-mask size

Condition: New

Certificate Of Authenticity: N/A

Properties: Reusable hygienic mask made of neoprene with a damp-proof and antibacterial finish, good for adults. StarMasks have been tested according to ENAC_EN ISO 6330: 2012 standard and meet the UNE 0065: 2020 criteria for breathability and bacterial filtration efficiency.

-        Reusable with +25 washes
-        Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 91.81 + - 2.86
-        Breathability: Differential pressure 40.06 + - 1
-        Compliance with UNE 0065:2020 regulation
-        Damp-proof and antibacterial
-        92% polyester and 8% elastane

Starmask Cleaning
Either of the following methods can be used:

-Wash and disinfect masks with water and normal detergent at a temperature of between 60º and 90º (machine wash on normal cycle)

-Soak masks in a 1:50 bleach solution with warm water for 30 minutes and then wash with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining bleach and let air dry.

-Wash before first use.

-For hygiene reasons, masks are non-returnable and non-refundable

Description: Javier Calleja is continuing efforts to help out his city of Málaga during the coronavirus pandemic by teaming up with Festival de Málaga to create a series of protective face masks. “This way culture is supporting culture,” Calleja says. The artist donated his artwork and designs to help out one of the most important cultural events in his city, as big businesses that were regular sponsors had to back out from supporting this year’s event.

Back in March, Calleja produced a limited edition sculpture titled Do Not Touch and purchased 200,000 face masks for local hospitals with the proceeds from the sales. This time, he hopes to help out a different cause but in a similar manner: using his work to highlight the devastating impact of COVID-19. He hopes his seven face mask designs provide a sense of encouragement and calmness during this time. The images feature Calleja’s signature characters, close-ups of their noses and mouths, as well as textual messages.

Credits: Description by Hypebeast