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Artist: Invader

Invader "Wipe Out" Hong Kong Invasion Guide 6 - Space Invader Invasion - Art Book 2015

Invader "Wipe Out" Hong Kong Invasion Guide 6 - Space Invader Invasion - Art Book 2015

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Artist: Invader

Title: Invader "Wipe Out" Hong Kong Invasion Guide 6

Year: 2015

Edition: Limited Edition 3000

Medium: Hardcover Book

Size: 23cm x 20cm  / 8 "x 9 1/2" x 1 1/14 

Weight: 10.6 Oz

Condition: New - Still Sealed in The Plastic

Certificate Of Authenticity: None provided. 

Style: Graffiti Art, Street Art, Contemporary Pop, Graffitipop, Graffiti Spaghetti

Hand signed and numbered: None

Description: HONG KONG. – The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation [HOCA], a non-profit organization launched in 2014, is proud to present “Wipe Out” the first solo exhibition of celebrated French artist Invader in Hong Kong. Running from 2 May to 17 May 2015 at The Qube PMQ, the show is co-presented by Le French May.

Invader, who remains anonymous, is internationally recognized for his pixelated mosaic “space invaders” which he has placed in over 60 cities around the world since 1998.

In January 2014, the artist launched the third wave of his “invasion” in Hong Kong, 13 years after he first hit the city. These works highlighted a significant evolution, featuring familiar tropes from popular culture like Hong Kong Phooey, Popeye or Pac-Man, whilst retaining the artist’s signature pixel aesthetic. The invasion last year also faced a unique fate, with nearly 90% of his artworks removed from the city walls within a few weeks, wiped out by an over-zealous local highway cleaning crew.

Disheartened but not discouraged, Invader was inspired to develop “Wipe Out”, as a considered response to the systematic removal of art from the streets of Hong Kong. The show will restore Invader’s creative universe with alias1 pieces from his past invasions, alongside documentary photographs of the works in their original, intended public locations.

Also featured are never-before-seen new works, like videos, LED artworks, a medium the artist is exploring for the first time, a monumental sculpture as a tribute to Bruce Lee and new RubikCubist artworks comprised of hundreds of Rubik’s cubes assembled together. Understanding the specificities of Hong Kong and the local history of street art, a special installation of Invader’s personal sticker-covered scooter will mirror a 2002 version by the late Tsang Tsou Choi (King of Kowloon).

The work of Invader pursues public engagement, interaction and participation, creating an important social dynamic. “Wipe Out” will display a series of sticker vending machines, exemplifying the artist’s concept that stickers, an everyday medium, constitute a stylistic category legitimate to be considered objets d’art. With 30 new designs by the artist, all sale proceeds will support the charity Pathfinders. In addition, an exhibition-specific FlashInvaders room has been developed for digital communication with the audience. The FlashInvaders app will encourage

visitors to spot his mosaics in PMQ, and to extend this journey citywide and even internationally, in order to collect points.

To facilitate the public’s navigation of his works globally, Invader obsessively documents each space invader, archived with individual ID cards and maps of the invasions. Wipe Out – in Hong Kong, a newly published, 300 p Hong Kong invasion guide book, will be available and includes anecdotes next to photo documentation of the process and final locations of each piece, providing an immersive experience into Invader’s history with the city.

Deliberately contextualized in a formal exhibition setting, “Wipe Out” addresses the complexities of contemporary street art production through an interactive viewer experience.

Alias artworks are unique replicas of the space invaders found on the streets. Whereas space invaders in public areas are unsigned, in situ works created for public consumption, their aliases are accompanied by Identity Cards (Certificates of Authentication) and are signed by the artist, making these viable for commercial sale.

Credits: Description by: Hong Kong Contemporary Art

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Limited Edition: A set number of artworks were made, and no more will be created. The total number of works is given in the listing.

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