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Invader - Mission Miami Book 2012 - Limited Edition

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Artist: Invader

Title: Mission Miami (Also known as Art4Space book or Invasion Guide #5.)

Year: 2012

Edition: Limited Edition of 2500

Medium: Hardcover Book (texts are in Englsih and French.)

Size: 7,5 x 9 inches (19,3 x 23 cm) 

Weight: 1,6 kg (3,5 lb)

Condition: New 

Certificate Of Authenticity: None provided. 

Style: Graffiti Art, Street Art, Contemporary Pop, Graffitipop, Graffiti Spaghetti

Hand signed and numbered: None

Description:  This book presents the invasions in Miami and the project "Art4Space" by Invader. Entitled "Mission Miami", it is 180 pages, it was published in 2012.  Includes information and images from Miami Invasions from 2010 and 2012 by Invader. Art4Space project where Invader sent the SpaceOnce mosaic is also covered in this edition.