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Invader - Art Form Issue 4 - Invader Cover 2

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Artist: Invader

Title: Invader Art Form

Year: 2020

Edition: Limited Edition 

Medium: Offset lithography

Size: W168 x H240mm


Condition: New

Certificate Of Authenticity: Not Signed

Style: Graffiti Art, Street Art, Contemporary Pop, Graffitipop, Graffiti Spaghetti

Hand signed and numbered: None


For Issue 04 of The-Art-Form there are two limited edition covers by Invader.

All the artists featured in The-Art-Form have completed a form about art. Each artist has answered the questions on the form in their own unique way, giving an insight into their work and working practice. Some of the artists have created drawings and original artwork in response to the questions.

In addition to completing the form, each artist has been interviewed in more depth, with specific questions about their work.