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Invader - Andrew Sharpley Collaboration Vinyl Album

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Artist: Invader

Title: Andrew Sharpley Collaboration Vinyl Album

Year: 2021

Edition: Edition of 1000

Medium: Vinyl Album

Size: Package size 32 cm

Condition: New

Description: Invader - This album is an edit of a 4 hour mix I made for the opening of the '1000' exhibition by my friend, the French artist Invader, which took place in La Générale, Paris, 07.06.2011. La Generale is an enormous old ( 19th century) electricity substation on the Avenue Parmentier in the east of Paris. It now houses an artist's co-operative. The space inside is huge, about the size of three tennis courts, 80 metres or so from front to back, 30 metres tall, a massive industrial hangar with an elaborated ironwork and glass front.