Collection: Kenz

Kenz was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1995 and obtained a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) from Deakin University in Melbourne in 2019. Kenz draws inspiration from the human mental state, memory, and the tension between consciousness and the unconscious. He is passionate about depicting personal items from his childhood, such as rubber ducks and baby walkers, exploring the concepts of nostalgia and innocent childhood memories. His works focus on subjects that evoke strong visual memories, utilizing vibrant, energetic colors and a style that resembles a mixed gradient of palette lines, characteristic of his style. His exhibitions include "Dazzling Confusion" (GR Gallery, New York, 2020), "It's Going to Be Great!" (YOD Editions, Tokyo, 2021), and "If You're Wondering, Why" (Art Why Gallery, Shanghai, 2021).

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