Collection: Chino Lam

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chino Lam rose to prominence in the 2010s as art of the new generation of local artists exploring the relationship between fine rt and pop culture. Lam started his artistic journey in street art, he is one of the founders of the brand Mame Moyoshi hacho and once worked for the renowned Japanese toy brand Bandai.

In 2017 and 2018, he was awarded the "Oscar" in the toy industry, American Toy Award "Designer Toy Awards". Driven by his passion for sashimi and aquatic creatures, he created a series of original characters featuring sea animals with human attributes, including his signature character Jiro. When rendered with traditional mediums such as calligraphy and Ukiyo-e, these cute and monstrous creatures evoke a sense of mismatched aesthetic, emanating a distinct aura that reminisces with street culture spiced up with dark humour. Lam’s unique graphic style and fascinating imagination resonates with and captures the hearts of many and the popularity of his works in Asia rocketed within a short time frame.

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