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Atsushi Kaga, born in Tokyo in 1978 and now residing between Dublin and Kyoto, is a Fine Art graduate from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. His art merges the playful and surreal with dark themes like cultural politics and mental health. Influenced by Japanese Manga, Anime, and Irish satirical literature, Kaga crafts intricate, metaphorical narratives through characters like Usacchi, a Pooka-like bunny that represents his emotional self-portrait. Kaga's work has been showcased in notable solo exhibitions globally, including in Tokyo, New York, São Paolo, and Basel. His recent works feature large-format paintings blending Dutch Vanitas with Kyoto’s 17th-century Rinpa school. In 2024, Kaga unveiled 'Ukiyo-e,' his grandest installation yet, at Art Basel Hong Kong, featuring gold leaf panels within a traditional Japanese theatre structure.

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