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Adriana Oliver

Adriana Oliver - Counting Stars

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Artist: Adriana Oliver 

Title: Counting Stars by Misha Made

Year: 2020

Edition: Edition of 50

Medium: Polystone

Size: 40 cm / 18.9 inches

Condition: New

Certificate Of Authenticity: Comes with signed and numbered COA card.

Style: Graffiti Art, Street Art, Contemporary Pop, Graffitipop, Graffiti Spaghetti

Hand signed and numbered: 

DescriptionPainter living in Barcelona, Oliver's work is influenced by pop art and is known for his bold and colorful style. From his career as a photographer, in addition to the minimalist abstraction, immediacy and style of capturing movement, he added a feminist perspective to the pop art genre and decomposed it into the minimum neutral shape that can observe and reflect symbols. It represents the role and stereotype of gender.