The Most Expensive 1000% Bearbricks Ever Sold

The Most Expensive 1000% Bearbricks Ever Sold

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For streetwear fans, Medicom Toy's Bearbrick series is likely a familiar face. The collectible toys are effectively an adult's answer to hitting up Toys “R” Us as a child. The main difference is that unlike your childhood, these Bearbrick figures have rapidly become sought-after art pieces. Since the brand's first release in May 2001, the Japanese toy company has collaborated with artists, fashion designers, and major retailers to produce these collectible figures.

Bearbricks come in many different sizes; the most popular models are the 1000% Bearbricks–which are approximately 2.3 feet high and popular with celebrities like Ben Baller. The shape of a Bearbrick itself never really changes. What makes these toys so coveted are commemorative and rare editions designed by high end fashion brands or revered pop artists. Bearbricks made by Chanel or artists like KAWS have earned a reputation among art dealers and toy enthusiasts for not only being must-haves, but for fetching high prices on auction blocks and resell sites.

Although there are plenty of 1000% Bearbricks below a $1000 price range, these are typically easy to come by. So we put together this list of some of the most expensive 1000% Bearbricks sold in auctions and on StockX.

Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick (Red Heart)

Emotionally Unavailable Bearbrick HeartImage via StockX

Released: 2020
Price: $2,801

Medicom dropped this Bearbrick recently online in limited numbers at NANZUKA’s 2G Studio in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was a special collaboration with Edison Chen and Kybum Lee’s brand, Emotionally Unavailable. Unlike other Bearbricks, this one actually lights up and doubles as a dimly lit lamp. They also released this transparent Bearbrick in black and blue heart colorways.

Hebru Brantley 1000% Bearbrick

Hebru Brantley Social Status Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2019
Price: $2,995

Hebru Brantley is a Chicago artist who has frequently collaborated with A Bathing Ape. For the brand’s 25th anniversary, they asked Brantley to design a Bearbrick. What Brantley delivered was a piece that blended BAPE’s shark hoodie with Brantley’s iconic “FlyBoy” character. This Bearbrick retailed for $450 and now resells for nearly five times the amount. For fans of Brantley, there are smaller Bearbricks available for as low as $60 on StockX.

Mastermind Japan 1000% Bearbrick

Mastermind Japan 1000 Bearbrick

Image via StockX

Released: 2019
Price: $3,500

The popular Japanese streetwear brand, Mastermind Japan, has collaborated with Bearbrick on several occasions. So it’s not surprising to see that one of the 10 most expensive Bearbricks recently sold on StockX is this Mastermind Japan collaboration from 2019. The first collaboration under Mastermind Japan’s “World” imprint, this glossy black and gold Bearbrick featured the brand’s iconic skull and crossbones logo with gold details. It’s a very classy Bearbrick that gives off heavy OVO vibes.

Daniel Arsham x Snarkitecture 1000% Bearbrick

Daniel Arsham Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2019
Price: $3,678
This Bearbrick made by Daniel Arsham truly captures the look of the artist’s popular “decayed” sculptures. They made only 250 of these Bearbricks last year and the creative agency BLACkRAINBOW released them. Although this is a more minimal Bearbrick design, it has surprisingly been resold for a higher price on StockX than some of Arsham’s “Future Relic” sculptures, which were limited edition plaster sculptures that turned everyday objects into archeological finds.

Readymade x Mickey Mouse 1000% Bearbrick

Readymade Mickey Mouse Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2019
Price: $4,700

Readymade is a Japanese brand known for upcycled military surplus garments. Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular characters to become a Bearbrick. Although Mickey Mouse Bearbricks made in collaboration with BAPE and Fragment also fetch high numbers, the READYMADE Mickey Mouse Bearbrick hits differently with that Ghillie suit on.

Sorayama x Daniel Arsham 1000% Bearbrick

Sorayama x Daniel Arsham 1000 Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2019
Price: $6,450

Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama are two artists who have crossed over into the fashion world—both have collaborated with Kim Jones at Dior. This Bearbrick collaboration literally fused Arsham’s erosion aesthetics with Sorayama’s otherworldly robot illustrations. This piece was released to commemorate the opening of the NAZUKA 2G gallery in Tokyo, which debuted with a show featuring collaborative artworks made by Arsham and Sorayama.

KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick

Kaws Dissected Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2010
Price: $7,501

By now, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that KAWS’ works are highly sought after in the art toy collecting game. This dissected KAWS Bearbrick from 2010 is one of the most popular Bearbrick models designed by KAWS. The design of this dissected Bearbrick is familiar to anyone who is a fan of KAWS’ art. The OriginalFake dissected “Companion” figures—seen in music videos like Drake’s “Toosie Slide”— can easily fetch up to $100,000 at auction. So technically, the Bearbrick version of this piece is a slightly more “economic” option.

Readymade x A Bathing Ape 1000% Bearbrick

Bearbrick Readymade Bathing Ape BAPE
Image via StockX

Released: 2018
Price: $11,500

In 2018, Readymade collaborated with A Bathing Ape and Medicom Toy for this popular Bearbrick collaboration. Although many BAPE Bearbricks have been released with the brand’s iconic “Shark” hoodies, what makes this Readymade collab so special is that they made a real BAPE hoodie exclusively for this figure. The lowest asking price for this on StockX is currently floating around the $17,000 range.

Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick

Karimoku Wood 1000 Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: Ongoing Collaborations
Price: $13,000

Karimoku is a revered Japanese wood furniture company that’s been around for 80 years. Medicom has frequently collaborated with Karimoku to produce handmade wooden toys. One of the most sought after Bearbrick x Karimoku collabs is their very first 1000% wooden Bearbrick. This figure was completely constructed of walnut wood, hand-crafted in Japan, and was made-to-order. Due to the craftsmanship required for each of these Bearbricks, they are pricey–an 11-inch tall 400% Baby Milo x Karimoku Bearbrick released this year retailed for $2,000. According to Stock X, one 1000% Karimoku Bearbrick recently sold for $13,000.What’s more shocking is that the lowest asking price for this very Bearbrick is $40,000.

Chanel 1000% Bearbrick

Coco Chanel 1000 Bearbrick
Image via StockX

Released: 2006
Price: $30,000 at auction

Karl Lagerfeld, the former creative director of Chanel, designed this model in 2006. Only 1,000 of these Bearbricks were made and most of them were specially displayed inside Chanel boutiques. Only a handful have ever surfaced on the market. One model was exclusively sold at a charity auction along with other Bearbricks made by luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Moschino, and Hermes. The piece is modeled to look like Chanel’s founder Coco Chanel, dressed in her classic outfit: a Chanel jacket and pearls. Considering its rarity and high-fashion connection, the piece isn't easy to get your hands on. It recently sold at a Christie's auction in November of 2019 for $30,000. On Stock X, there are only two available and the lowest asking price is currently $61,497. However, one collector struck a solid deal on TheRealReal, which sold one for $8,000. Good luck to any collectors who are actively trying to cop this ultimate Bearbrick grail.


Article by: COMPLEX

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